Selasa, 09 September 2008

tentang Syukur

akhirnya kubisa menangis
maka menangislah!

tapi aku merenung
apa yang kurenungkan?

tiba tiba kutersadar
aku salah!

aku kurang bersyukur
aku tidak bersyukur

ajari aku
ingatkan aku
tak perlu ragu
setiap waktu

Jumat, 05 September 2008

Trust Me

mom please mom...
why u should be like that?

u know that i really don't like it!
i don't like if u always ask me
o mom, please...

i know u care
i know u worry
i know it
and i know more than u feel
coz i feel it too...

but mom, please...
trust me!
i'll be what u want to be...
(i'm trying :( ... )

Senin, 01 September 2008

Ain't Luv

so far
body and soul
so far away

don't know why
want without understand
body and soul

don't know who
love without knowing
body and soul

don't know how
i can't reach
body and soul

it ain't love
it is passion

now i know

it's ain't love
it is passion

Sabtu, 30 Agustus 2008


there's a story of a girl
who's become a woman
she looking for an identity
she looking for every thing
she looking for the meaning of her life
she fell down
they push her
always push her
they don't know
the truth of her heart
they push push and push
they never want to hear
so the girl cannot tell
she just keep silent
she cry
cry cry and cry
but actually she doesn't know
she doesn't know
too much
verly much
too complicated
very complicated
she doesn't know what to do
she doesn't know what to say
she desperate
she is crying again
cry cry and cry...
it's just a story,,but true story


it's only a dream
it's only a wish
it's only a desire
it's only an obsession

But it's just only

I want to play a game
I want some pawn to play
I want to fight for a winning
I want to scream for a victory

But i couldn't!

it's just a dream
it's just a wish
it's just a desire
it's just an obsession

Yeah... it's just only!






easy to like

difficult to love

difficult to get

easy to lose

easy to forgive

difficult to forget

don't like to be pain

but like to hurt

so wicked!

easy to accept

easy to be pain

easy to cry

only try to hold on...

but it's not easy...

i know...

Sabtu, 31 Mei 2008